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M360’s process for recruiting, hiring, & training instructors was born out of our commitment to ensure the application of our Core Values in every aspect of the organization.  So, in addition to our current staff of highly experienced coaching professionals, M360, through the assistance of the outstanding staffs at some of the area’s very best professional teams, colleges, and universities, has been able to develop a “pipeline” of high character individuals passionate about Learning, Growing, & Evolving their interest in pursuing coaching careers.  Based on their shared commitment to our Mission, we are proud to work with and strongly endorse all M360 trainers.

our Core Values



A commitment to continually embrace and promote a Learn – Grow – Evolve mentality both personally and professionally.



Having the courage to do the right thing even when it is difficult and unpopular.



A promise of honest communication in every personal and professional interaction or relationship



Recognizing there is something positive you can learn from everyone you meet and having the humbleness to accept that gift.



A recognition, acceptance, and dedication to the hard work and grind it takes to accomplish great things.



The perspective that nurturing genuine relationships sets the foundation of any successful organization.

Our Goals

    • Create an organization dedicated to serving youth sports players, coaches, and families.
    • Develop and implement programs designed to optimize each individual player’s talents, confidence, and integrity.
    • To have the opportunity to teach the great game of baseball while emphasizing the importance of understanding that the lessons learned practicing and playing will be applicable for a lifetime.
    • Build a platform that will help carry the message, throughout youth sports, that the main goal should be to compete hard but fairly, and always with the ultimate respect for the other team players, coaches, and umpires.
    • Attract ambitious, talented, and dedicated trainers and coaches who possess a growth mindset and that are serious about learning, growing, and evolving as a person first, coach second.
    • Grow our M360 organization regionally, nationally, and even eventually internationally.
    • To give back and always have a part of M360 focused on how we can help those in the game who are less fortunate.
Our process

Simple, Effective, Important

Conceive and agree on goals, write them down, prioritize them, and check them off when completed…then on to the next priority.

Approach each internal issue or disagreement with empathy and understanding but maintain conviction to find solutions that always better the...

“Golden Rule Treatment” … Treat every new organization, coach, player, family member we meet with the high level of respect and care you wish would have..

ALWAYS provide M360 partners and customers something extra. Look for and think about ways to make everything from our communications

Always be positive and pass along our love for the game.

Our Purpose

    • A passion for improving the youth sports experience for players, coaches, and families.
    • Dedicated to a comprehensive, 360-degree approach to the development of the student-athletes we train, coaches we teach, and the parents to whom we listen.
    • To cultivate…humility, continuous learning, hard work, taking responsibility, perseverance, integrity, and teamwork.
    • To help instill a greater sense of self-worth and confidence through the dedication to a task and a team.
    • Re-direct coaching to emphasize helping all student-athletes maximize their abilities by focusing on what they can control in a mostly uncontrollable game.



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