Three Great Coaching Minds Discuss Training With Brett Hawke

Casting the "learning net" wide is an approach we utilize @ Mission360.  We can learn so much from coaches and leaders in other sports, industries, and professions.  Here is a short Podcast, focusing on the coaching philosophies, methodologies, and training regiments from some of the greatest swimming coaches in the sport, including Bob Bowman, former coach for Michael Phelps, the undisputed greatest swimmer of all time.  Grab a coffee. Put on the air pods.  And have a listen.  Learn. Grow. Evolve..



Please add your thoughts below.  We encourage your feedback, comments, and suggestions.  Let's Learn, Grow, Evolve... together!


Full Video Credit to: www.swimmingworldmagazine.com

Aaron Nieckula
1 month ago

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